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Hi, I’m Bryoney and I am here for modern couples who are fun-loving, a bit daring, and a little unconventional!  I can help you tell your unique love story!



Bryoney Cook - Independent Celebrant

Are you worried your guests won’t be engaged by your ceremony?  Or that it

won’t be reflective of you?  Will you be thinking your guests are just waiting for the bar to open?  And do you feel a bit strange about following traditions you don’t connect with?

Well, by choosing a celebrant-led ceremony, you have freedom and flexibility in terms of both location and content of your ceremony, whether a couple or naming ceremony. The legal bits of marriage still have to take place, however more and more families and couples are choosing to then have a ceremony in celebration of the legalities.  

Having a celebrant write and conduct your ceremony means you are not restricted in where you hold the ceremony so there is no worrying about whether your dream venue is an approved venue (yay!).  

It also means you get a bespoke ceremony script that is personal to you, and includes all those little touches that reflects you as both individuals and as a couple!

You don’t want to say “I do”?  Not a problem, we can script your vows to sound like you, and will be as inclusive of your values and beliefs as you wish - from your favourite songs to pop culture references, your ceremony will be a celebration of what makes you unique! 

So, let’s include those guests and have them laughing, shedding a tear or making vows to YOU depending on where the mood takes you!  Let’s have a ceremony people will never forget!



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(When asked about the ceremonies I offer) "THEY ARE TREMENDOUS!"

Grace and Tom



Drop me a line to discuss your plans, I want to hear all about them!

Kings Norton, Birmingham, UK

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